Essays by Cal Poly STC Members

The following links point off-site to essays written by Cal Poly STC members. If you would like to submit an essay, please convert it to HTML and e-mail its Web address and a brief abstract to Steven Aoki. If you don't know how to convert documents into HTML, feel free to consult Steven.

Technical Speaking? Automatic Speech Recognition and Technical Writing by Eric Willard
As computers become more powerful, software that can recognize human speech is becoming more accurate and useful. This article provides an overview of speech recognition technology. It also discusses how speech recognition could influence technical writing.

SGML and Its Value to Technical Communication by Steven Aoki
SGML represents a growing international standard in the Technical Communication and Graphic Communication fields, yet few people know it or understand it. This report will explain SGML as well as how it applies to technical writers and the business world.

Navigating Cybespace: a Guide for Freelance Technical Writers by Anthony Halderman
As a result of corporate downsizing and "delayering," home-base businesses, consulting, and freelancing have increased. But what are the benefits and disadvantages of these highly independent endeavors? What can you expect? This paper takes a close look at the conditions freelance technical communicators face.